Rescue of Domestic Animals, Pets and Livestock

The types of animal rescue situations are endless. Some of the most common incidences include:

  • Animals trapped in pits, trenches, wells, drains, mineshafts
  • Animals entangled in fencing material, netting, twine, plastic bags, fishing line
  • Animals fallen down chimneys, heater flues, exhaust vents
  • Animals hit by vehicles
  • Animals living in buildings to be demolished
  • Animals injured or displaced during tree felling, vegetation removal, habitat destruction
  • Birds, possums or pets stranded or caught high up trees
  • Animals stranded on tall buildings or structures
  • Escaped or displaced animals
  • Animals affected by storms, heatwaves, floods, fires
  • Orphaned animals
  • Sick, diseased or injured animals
  • Animals subject to cruelty from humans

Note that for any rescue involving domestic animals, pets or livestock, owner permission or other appropriate authorization is required before intervention can be enacted. This may involve authorization from property or business owners or managers, landlords, tenants, etc. For such animals in public places, Shire Rangers should be contacted and if public safety issues exist, Police should also be advised.

The RSPCA may also assist, particularly where animal welfare is a concern and for all cases involving animal cruelty.