the dodo - 7th December 2018

Rescuers Show Up To Help Injured Kangaroo And Realize He's HUGE

by Sarah V Schweig

"Someone extraordinarily muscular just showed up outside a professional athlete's home in Australia.......

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the dodo - 7th November 2018

People Notice A Tiny Face Peering Up Out Of Old Mineshaft

by Sarah V Schweig

"An old abandoned mineshaft in Victoria, Australia, ended up swallowing a very scared wild animal who probably would have died without the determined help of some kind people......

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The Courier - 5th November 2018

Wallaby safely rescued from mineshaft in Invermay ....

by Ben Hopkins

"After four hours on the scene, a wallaby has been rescued from a mine shaft in Invermay.

It took a combined effort from the CFA, SES and Wildlife Victoria to free the trapped wallaby......"

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ABC - 25th July 2018

For the love of roos

by Jane Cowan

"Rescuing kangaroos is not all cuddling joeys and happy endings. It can leave you with a dim view of humanity ........ "

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ABC News - 19th July 2018

Arthur the kangaroo's rescue

"This adventurous kangaroo was discovered hopping around a car park.

Wildlife rescue volunteers had to tranquilise him to assess his injuries and safely relocate him.

He has since been named Arthur."

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WIN News - 5th July 2018


"Residents and wildlife rescuers are outraged after finding a kangaroo shot with an arrow near Castlemaine.....

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7 News Melbourne - 27th June 2018

Kangaroo survives arrow attack

"Wildlife volunteers have saved the life of a kangaroo, who was shot with an arrow in an alarming act of animal cruelty at Warrandyte...."

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7 News Melbourne - 23rd June 2018

Bouncing back

"There's been a happy ending to a shocking case of cruelty.

A kangaroo and her tiny joey left in agony after being shot by an arrow are now back in the wild......"

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Yahoo7 News - 15th June 2018

Wombat joey found dead after mother fatally shot while eating.

A Victorian vet is trying to find the person responsible for shooting and killing a wombat carrying a joey.

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Macedon Ranges Leader - 15th May 2018

Volunteer wildlife carers facing burnout as dedication takes toll.

"A generational change is needed among the ranks of volunteer wildlife rescuers....."

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The Sydney Morning Herald - 6 May 2018

Wild at heart: Rescuers oppose caring ban proposal

by Joe Hinchliffe

"Wildlife rescuers across Victoria are incensed by the prospect of being banned from caring for injured kangaroos, wombats, possum and cockatoos under a proposal that could instead see the animals euthanised ........ "

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The Age - 5th May 2018

Wildlife Rescue

"Manfred Zabinskas, wildlife rescuer and carer at his sanctuary. He and others are furious about DWELP flagging a ban on rescuing certain kangaroos, wombats, possums and cockatoos...."

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Edgars Mission Blog - 24th August 2017

His name is Herb

"Last Friday we shared with you the story of a goat, who, due to no fault of his own, found himself on the wrong side of the law. He had foiled plot after plot to take him down – both by gun wielding police and bow and arrow wielding camouflage-clad would-be hunters ...."

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