Description of service offered to exclude possums living in buildings

  • Inspection of building to identify all possible entry holes including assessment around the perimeter of the building, inspection inside the roof (if accessible) and a thorough inspection from on top of the roof
  • Should major problems be identified, photos will be taken and a report supplied and no work will continue without consultation and client approval. If further work is not conducted, the cost will be limited to an initial inspection fee
  • Holes are sealed using galvanized mesh, colorbond or galvanized metal sheet. Silicon sealer may also be used where required
  • One-way possum gates are fitted to allow possums to leave but not re-enter. Gates are purpose built or customized to suit the particular building requirement
  • When exclusion of possums has been verified, the gates will be removed and the holes sealed
  • Possum nest boxes can also be supplied and installed upon request.