Snakes in the house or in other buildings

Snakes will sometimes enter buildings in search of food (eg mice breeding in sheds) or to find a cool retreat on very hot days. They can also be displaced following periods of heavy rain even if it hasn't been hot. In winter, Tiger Snakes enjoy the warmth of a hot water service even if in the roof – a situation that plumbers don't seem to enjoy.

If the snake was seen entering the room of a house or a workshop or similar, a rolled towel can be used to block gaps under doors to help contain the snake. A wooden spoon or similar object can be used to wedge the towel into place. If there is no escape, an eventual capture and removal is almost guaranteed. If possible, keep an eye on the snake or potential exit points from a safe distance to observe which direction it moves.

Do not attempt to deal with the snake yourself. The snake will be frightened in this environment and may be very reactive and quick to defend itself.