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Possums in your roof?

Trapping and removing possums does not solve the problem. If entry points into a building are not sealed, the possums will re-enter or other possums will almost certainly move in. Holes cannot be simply blocked during the day as possums will become trapped and starve to death or break through a ceiling vent or something similar. Once excluded from the roof, they will live in the garden and even fight to keep other possums away, thereby controlling the number of possums that live in one garden. New possums will move into a garden if a resident possum is taken away.

If possums cause problems in the garden such as making dogs bark, running loudly on the roof or eating pet food, solutions need to be considered that don't harm the possums. Suggestions can be provided for a range of issues.

Trapping of possums is cruel and can result in injuries, stress and separation of baby possums from their mothers. It should only be considered as a last resort such as when buildings are being demolished and the possums need to be removed for their own safety.

Possums should only be removed or released at night as they are nocturnal animals and will become distressed if left exposed in daylight. They can also be relentlessly attacked up in trees by birds during daytime, especially during bird breeding season.

Legal issues: It is illegal to handle or interfere with possums unless they are in your roof or other parts of buildings. If removed, they must be released within 50 metres of the capture point or they have to be taken to a Vet and put down. This costs money and does not solve the problem (refer above). It is illegal to relocate possums as studies have shown that they will suffer badly and may even die as a consequence. Possums are legally protected when living in gardens and must not be trapped, harmed or removed. Breaching regulations carries a significant penalty.