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Snake Catching

The most common species of snakes encountered in Victoria are Tiger Snakes, Red-bellied Black Snakes, Copperhead Snakes and Eastern Brown Snakes. All four species are venomous and are therefore potentially dangerous. However, there are many misconceptions about the behavior and danger of snakes and so-called aggressive tendencies. Snakes are generally timid animals and will usually flee at the first sign of danger. Many people are not aware that snakes even exist on their properties and encounters are usually by accident. It is rare for people to get bitten by snakes and it is often the consequence of someone attempting to kill the snake.

Just because a snake is seen does not mean it needs to be captured and removed and it certainly doesn't mean it should be killed. Snakes are an important part of the environment and can help control pests such as mice and rats. They are also protected by law and it is a serious offence to unnecessarily harm a snake. Snakes are fascinating animals and can provide an exciting wildlife experience when observed from a safe distance.

Sometimes snakes are found injured. They may have been driven over, attacked by a cat or a dog or entangled in netting used to cover fish ponds or fruit trees. Whenever injury or entanglement is involved it is important to have the snake captured so that it can receive necessary treatment. Injured or entangled snakes can take weeks to slowly suffer and die, which is very cruel.

The fee for the capture and relocation of a snake depends mainly on the travel distance involved. The fee includes time to search for a snake if it has moved off, capture and handling, and arrangements for release at an appropriate relocation site. Any medical treatments or care / rehabilitation needs are provided without charge but donations for costs of care are certainly greatly appreciated.